How do I enable or disable SYNC 4A Connectivity Settings?

SYNC 4A Connectivity Settings must be enabled in order for the FordPass Connect modem to communicate via the mobile network.

If they are disabled, FordPass will display a banner, alerting the Member that they need to enable Connectivity Settings. FordPass features will also be unavailable or greyed out.

Enable or Disable Connectivity Settings 

  1. Access your vehicle in a safe, open, and well-ventilated area.
  2. Turn your vehicle on and leave it in Park.
  3. Tap the Vehicle image on SYNC.
  4. Tap on Connectivity.
  5. Select the Settings tab.
  6. Tap the slider icons to enable or disable the following:
    • Vehicle Connectivity: Enables or disables all Connectivity Settings at once.
    • Share Vehicle Data: Enables oil life and other vehicle data, as well as Remote Features.
      Note: Disabling Share Vehicle Data will also disable Location, Analytics and Speech Recognition Feedback.
    • Share Vehicle Location: Enables Vehicle Location in FordPass.
    • Share Driving Data: Shares your driving routine with Ford to improve drive assist features. The data set includes:
      • Seatbelt Status
      • Braking Frequency 
    • Share Vehicle Analytics: Allows your vehicle to share modem activity and alarm information with FordPass.
    • Speech Recognition Feedback: Allows the vehicle to assist with improving speech recognition.
    • Features: This section varies by vehicle capability. Items listed here may not be enabled by default.


  • When a Connectivity Setting is enabled, its slider will be blue.
  • It can take one to five minutes for a vehicle to reconnect with the network after enabling Connectivity Settings.
  • Vehicle and FordPass features availability may vary and be subject to change.

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