How To Pair A Phone With SYNC 2?

Pairing is what allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to communicate with each other securely.

  • The phone book can be downloaded, along with contact photos, and voice commands are set. [May vary by phone]

  • Any duplicates are arranged into a candidates list so that the correct line can be chosen using voice e.g. “line 1” etc. or the touch screen.

  • The options for how to proceed are then listed for the driver to choose, e.g. Call.

  • Once a phone is paired Ford SYNC 2 will remember it and re-pair it automatically whenever it is in range.

  • The system stores the phonebook and text messages so it only needs to look for changes rather than downloading all of the information again when re-indexing.

  • Only text messages received whilst in the car are stored, the system cannot synchronize prior messages on the phone.

  • Any information Ford SYNC 2 uses from the phone is only available when it is in the car.

  • Up to 12 phones can be paired.



Before you start make sure:
• Your phone is compatible with SYNCTM and the Bluetooth® is turned on.
• Your vehicle is in Park and running, not in Accessory mode.
• Note: Some smartphones use a four-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and cannot accept the six-digit PIN provided by SYNCTM. To pair this type of phone, follow the alternate instructions listed for step 4.

Touch the Phone corner on your 8-inch touchscreen. Touch Add Phone.

For four-digit PIN smartphones:

1. When the six-digit number shows on the screen, touch Find other.

2. When Select device to add appears, touch the name of your phone.

3. SYNCTM  will prompt you to enter a 4-digit pass-key, or PIN, into your touchscreen Touch four numbers, then Enter to begin pairing your phone.

4. Your phone will display a similar prompt to enter a four-digit PIN. Type in the same four numbers that you just entered on the touchscreen and press OK. If your phone asks if you always want to accept this request, choose Yes. Resume with step 3.

Connected successfully appears when your phone is paired. SYNCTM 2 will now connect automatically to your phone when you start your engine.

*If you have more than one paired phone, SYNCTM 2 will ask if you want to make this phone your Favourite. This is the phone SYNCTM 2 will automatically connect to when there’s more than one paired phone in the car. If you don’t set a Favourite, SYNCTM will automatically connect to the most recently paired phone.

SYNCTM will then ask, Set automatic phonebook download to ON? If you choose yes, your phonebook may take up to several minutes to download, depending on your number of contacts.