How Do I Pair A Phone With SYNC 1.0 Via Bluetooth®?

Based on your SYNC 1.0, you may pair your phone via Bluetooth before using SYNC system.

  • With the vehicle stationary, turn the Ignition and audio system ON.
  • Ensure the phone’s Bluetooth® setting is turned ON.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth® feature on your cell phone is switched on before.
  • To start pairing, press the PHONE button on the audio system.
  • Select Add by pressing the corresponding console button
  • When a message to begin pairing appears in the audio display, search for SYNC on your cell phone to start the pairing process.
  • Select SYNC on your cell phone.
  • Wait until the PIN appears on the phone display. Compare the PIN on the phone with the PIN shown in the audio display and accept the request on the phone's and the vehicle's display.
    NOTE: In some cases the phone will request to enter a PIN, enter the six-digit PIN provided by the system in the audio display.
  • The display indicates when the pairing is successful.
  • SYNC will display the message “Download Phonebook?”
  • Select the Yes soft key to download the phonebook, which enables voice commands of contacts.

For specific information on your vehicle, refer to your Owners Manual or SYNC Support.