Where Can I Find Payload Capacity Information?

The vehicle payload is the combined weight of cargo and passengers that the vehicle is carrying.

The following terms are used to help you understand how much of a load your vehicle can safely carry or tow. Specific information for your vehicle can be found on the Ford Website and choosing to Compare Models or download a brochure. Whilst the specifications provided by Ford for your vehicle are accurate, they are only as accurate as the vehicle is standard. The best way to check these figures is to use a Public Weighbridge. For a fee, the public weighbridge will measure your vehicle in its current state.

Kerb Weight or Mass

This includes the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, without occupants, luggage or cargo and with all standard equipment. Additional weight of optional features must be taken into account when calculating kerb weight. Note, this does not include any accessories such as bull bars, roof racks, canopies, additional driving lamps etc.

Tare Weight or Mass

This is the weight of an empty standard vehicle with all of its fluids (for example, oils and coolants) and specifically 10 litres of fuel in the tank. Essentially, it is the same as the Kerb Weight or Mass but with only 10 litres of fuel instead of a full tank.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or Mass (GVM)

This is the maximum your vehicle can weigh when fully loaded as specified by Ford. It is effectively the Kerb Mass plus the weight of all accessories fitted (such as bull bars, roof racks, canopies, additional driving lamps etc.) plus any Payload (refer below). Additionally, the GVM also includes the Tow Bar Download if you are towing (but does not include the mass of the item being towed). This figure is easily accessed on the vehicle placard in the driver’s door opening (B-pillar).


This is the maximum load your vehicle can carry in standard form. If the vehicle has been modified, and can be determined by taking the GVM and deducting the Kerb Mass. It is important to note this figure include all passengers, luggage and additional gear. Never exceed the maximum payload specified!

Gross Combination Mass (GCM) or Weight (GCW)

This is the maximum weight allowed for the vehicle and trailer combined, including luggage. This is often misunderstood and mis-calculated. It can be calculated by combining the GVM and the Aggregate Trailer Mass (refer below).

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

This is the maximum weight of the trailer plus whatever is loaded onto it, plus the Tow Bar Download. It is effectively the maximum towing weight the manufacturer of the trailer or caravan as specified by the manufacturer of it.

Tow Bar Download (TBD)

This is the amount of weight the trailer exerts on your tow bar. The maximum tow bar download your Ford tow bar can safely handle can be found on the tow bar placard on the bar itself.

For specific information on your vehicle, please select the vehicle model from the Owner’s Manual Information.
You can view the owner's manual for your vehicle by clicking here.