How Do I Open/Close Windows With The Key Fob?

Your vehicle may have a feature that lets you open or close your windows with your key fob and can help you cool the inside of your car before you get in.

To open all of your windows at once and then the sunroof:

  • Press and hold the unlock button on your key fob for at least three seconds
  • If you want to stop them from opening just press the lock or unlock button again

To close all of your windows and your sunroof:

  • Press and hold the lock button for at least two seconds
  • To stop your windows from closing just press the lock or unlock button on the fob

When closing the power windows, verify they are free of obstruction and make sure that children and pets are not in the proximity of the window openings.

For specific information on your vehicle, select the vehicle model from the Owner’s Manual Information tab and we will search the relevant Owner’s Manual for you.