What Are Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime Running Lights/Lamps (DRL) are defined as a lamp or an interdependent lamp system facing in a forward direction used to make the vehicle more easily visible when driving during daytime. 

According to Australian Design Rule (ADR) 76/00, The purpose of these lamps is not to provide additional visibility for the driver of your vehicle, but aims to make your vehicle more visible to other road (and pedestrian) users. The ADR mandates a specific maximum intensity for these lamps to ensure they don't harm the visibility of those looking at the lamps. These lamps are designed to come on automatically when the ignition is switched on, and turn off when other headlamp functions are turned on.  The color of the light emitted by the DRLs must be white. 

The daytime running lamps system does not activate the rear lamps and may not provide adequate lighting during low-visibility driving conditions. Make sure you switch the headlamps on, as appropriate, during all low visibility conditions. Failure to do so may result in a crash.

The system turns the lamps on in daylight conditions. To switch the system on, switch the lighting control to any position except headlamps.

To determine if your Ford is fitted with DRLs, please review your Owner's Manual or speak to your nearest Ford dealership