How Do I Check If The Air Conditioning System Is Leaking?

The Air Conditioning (A/C) system in your vehicle functions to both cool and dehumidify the air. 

Water vapour in the air blown through the A/C system condenses on the evaporator (located in the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning - HVAC case behind the dash). This condensate normally drains onto the ground through a tube extending under the vehicle from the HVAC case.

After running the A/C, you may find a small puddle of water under your vehicle (usually under the front passenger foot-well area). This is normal.  In some cases, the drain hole may become plugged or dislodged, and the condensate may leak into the vehicle interior, onto the carpet in the foot well area and/or accumulate as mist on the windows. If so, please take your vehicle to your local Ford Dealership for service.