What Is MyKey Benefits?

This technology lets you set the maximum speed limit, set a seatbelt reminder and even control the volume of the audio system if you want to.

Designed to give you peace of mind if you’ve lent your car to a friend or family member, Ford MyKey®is easy to use. Just insert a key into the ignition, start the car then follow simple instructions to program the restrictions you want to set for that key: the Ford MyKey®. You can keep the unrestricted ‘admin’ key yourself and even have more than one of both if you want.

For further information please view the video below or see your Owners manual.

How To Clear Ford MyKey® Settings

You can clear or change your MyKey settings using the information display control or your vehicle's SYNC screen. (if equipped) 

You can clear or change your MyKey settings as long as you do not turn off the vehicle after you create the MyKey.

Important: Once you turn the vehicle off, you will need an admin key to change or clear your MyKey settings. If you do not have an admin key, you will need to purchase a new key from your Ford Dealer

Using the Information Display

  1. Turn on your vehicle using an admin key. 
  2. Tab through the message center using the OK or the > button on the steering wheel:
    1. Select Settings.
    2. Select MyKey.
    3. Select Clear MyKey.
    4. Hold the OK button until you see a message indicating that all MyKeys have been cleared.

Using the SYNC Screen

  1. Turn on your vehicle using an admin key.
  2. Tap Settings on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  3. Select Vehicle.
  4. Tap MyKey and follow the instructions to clear MyKey. A confirmation message will appear in the display after you finish clearing your MyKeys.

Note: When you clear your MyKeys, you remove all restrictions and return all MyKeys to their original admin key status.