What is the new FordPass® App for Android?

Ford has developed a new FordPass to replace the current version. Once Ford notifies you via text message or you receive a popup in the FordPass App, they will be able to download it from the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I keep using the old version of FordPass?

FordPass is moving to a new version. Once you see the popup for the New FordPass App, the old version will no longer be functional.

What are the benefits of the new FordPass App?

You will have access to the same features and functionality but with the following benefits:

  • Faster app updates
  • Improved user experience

How do I download the new FordPass App?

You will receive the following once the new FordPass is available:

  • A text message.
  • A popup in FordPass.

Follow the link in either the text message or popup, or search for FordPass in the Play Store.

When can I download the new FordPass App?

As soon as you receive the text message or popup, you will be able to download the new FordPass.

Will I need to add my vehicle or activate FordPass Connect again?

No. You may be required to log in. Once you log in, all vehicle data, personal settings, and features should be available.

Will my data be transferred from the old version of FordPass?

Yes. All data should transfer, including:

  • Vehicle information
  • User settings
  • Preferred Ford Dealer

Why do I have two FordPass icons after the download?

Once you download the new FordPass App, you will need to manually delete the old one.

What happens if I select the wrong country at login?

Uninstall FordPass and install it again, or log out of FordPass and clear the application data/cache in your phone's Settings app.

What if I forgot my FordPass password?