What Is Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to set a cruising speed and monitors traffic ahead, maintaining a safe distance between vehicles.

  • Uses advanced radar technology to monitor traffic ahead to scan for slower vehicles.
  • Slows the vehicle to adapt for current traffic conditions and maintain a safe distance between vehicles.
  • Once traffic clears, automatically returns the speed to the speed set with the Cruise Control System.
  • Feature is automatically on and can be turned off via the Message Center.

Your vehicle may be fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Lane Centring. Adaptive Cruise Cont role with Stop & Go is designed to not only adjust your cruising speed but can also stop and relaunch the engine if traffic slows to a standstill. What's more, when engaged, Lane Centring is designed to provide active steering assistance, by following road markings, to help you keep you centred in your lane.

For specific information on your vehicle, refer to your Owner's manual.