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Fiesta Hatchback  
  1.0L Sport + PS with EcoBoost PhP 905,000
  1.5L Trend PS PhP 805,000
  1.5L Trend MT PhP 755,000
  1.0L Titanium + PS with EcoBoost PhP 905,000
  1.5L Trend PS PhP 805,000
  1.5L Trend MT PhP 755,000
  1.5L Titanium AT PhP 1,008,000
  1.5L Trend AT Black Edition PhP 918,000
  1.5L Trend AT PhP 905,000
  1.5L Trend MT Black Edition PhP 868,000
  1.5L Trend MT PhP 855,000
  1.5L Ambiente MT PhP 795,000
  1.5L Sport+ with EcoBoost PhP 1,278,000
  1.5L Titanium+ with EcoBoost PhP 1,278,000
  1.5L Sport with EcoBoost PhP 1,088,000
  1.5L Titanium with EcoBoost PhP 1,088,000
  5.0L V8 GT Premium PhP 3,155,000
  2.3L EcoBoost Premium PhP 2,545,000
  3.2L Titanium 4x4 AT* PhP 1,989,000
       *with Premium Package (Optional)     add: PhP 120,000
  2.2L Titanium 4x2 AT PhP 1,739,000
       *with Premium Package (Optional)     add:
PhP 120,000
  2.2L Trend 4x2 AT PhP 1,539,000
  2.2L Ambiente 4x2 AT PhP 1,435,000
  2.2L Ambiente 4x2 MT PhP 1,375,000
  3.2L Wildtrak 4x4 AT PhP 1,709,000
  3.2L Wildtrak 4x4 MT PhP 1,649,000
  2.2L Wildtrak 4x4 AT PhP 1,539,000
  2.2L Wildtrak 4x4 MT PhP 1,479,000
  2.2L Wildtrak 4x2 AT PhP 1,425,000
  2.2L Wildtrak 4x2 MT PhP 1,365,000
  2.2L FX4 4x2 AT Php 1,339,000
  2.2L FX4 4x2 MT Php 1,279,000
  2.2L XLT 4X2 AT PhP 1,259,000
  2.2L XLT 4X2 MT PhP 1,199,000
  2.2L XLS 4x4 MT PhP 1,219,000
  2.2L XLS 4x2 MT PhP 1,059,000
  2.2L Base 4x2 MT PhP 909,000
  2.2L Single Cab 4x2 MT PhP 780,000
  2.2L Cab and Chassis 4x2 MT PhP 720,000
  3.5L Sport V6 AWD EcoBoost PhP 2,905,000
  2.3L Limited EcoBoost PhP 2,545,000
  2.0L Titanium EcoBoost PhP 1,790,000
  1.6L SE EcoBoost PhP 1,490,000
  3.5L Platinum with EcoBoost PhP 3,615,000