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Be One of the First to Own an Icon: Online Reservations For The All-New Ford Bronco Now Open

MANILA, Philippines, 22 February 2024 - Ford Philippines today opens reservations for the highly anticipated iconic SUV built to take adventures further: The All-New Ford Bronco.

7th Generation Muscle Car: Online Reservations Now Open for the All-New Ford Mustang

MANILA, Philippines, 22 February 2024 – Ford Philippines today announced that reservations are now open for the 7th generation of its iconic Sports Coupe vehicle: The All-New Ford Mustang.

Ford Philippines Boosts Ownership Experience with Complimentary Service Inspection Package, Enhanced Owners Dashboard

MANILA, Philippines, 19 February 2024 – Ford Philippines reinforces its commitment to deliver an enhanced ownership experience to its growing customer base with a complimentary service inspection package and an updated owners dashboard available on the Ford website.

Ford Philippines Enhances Parts Availability With New And Bigger Parts Distribution Center

MANILA, Philippines, 5 February 2024 – Ford Philippines is boosting parts availability and accessibility with a new and bigger parts distribution center, enhancing the overall ownership experience for its customers.

Ford Philippines Boosts Availability of Ford Explorer In Ford Dealerships Nationwide

MANILA, Philippines, 23 January 2024 – Ford Philippines today announces the availability of the Ford Explorer across its Ford dealerships nationwide. Digital-savvy customers can also reserve the Ford Explorer on Ford’s online reservation portal.

Ford Philippines Breaches 30,000 Sales Milestone, Posts 27 Percent Growth in Retail Performance in 2023

MANILA, Philippines, 11 January 2024 – Ford Philippines has breached the 30,000 sales milestone in 2023, the first time in six years. This is Ford’s third highest full-year retail sales achievement in a span of a decade.

Say YES To New Adventures and Savings With A New Ford This Holiday Season: Ford Philippines Unveils Year-End Sale For Best-Selling Vehicles

MANILA, Philippines, 3 November 2023 – Ford Philippines celebrates the most festive season of the year with its much-anticipated Year-End Sale (YES), allowing customers to say ‘Yes!’ to new adventures and experiences with a brand-new Ford.

Ford Philippines Brings Back Truck Month With Biggest Deals For Ford Ranger

MANILA, Philippines, 4 September 2023 – Ford Philippines is bringing back its much-anticipated Truck Month where customers can enjoy the biggest deals and offers with a purchase of a Ford Ranger.

Powerful And Efficient: Why the Bi-Turbo Diesel is the Powertrain of Choice for Ford's 4x4 Line-up in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, 24 July 2023 – Striking a balance between power, capability, and efficiency are key elements customers look for in a vehicle engine. With the stop and go nature of traffic in most parts of the Philippines, a car that leaves more in the tank while delivering power as the need arises is well appreciated by drivers.

Ford Philippines Posts 55 Percent Growth in Retail Performance For First Half 2023

MANILA, Philippines, 19 July 2023 – Ford Philippines delivered a strong retail performance for the first half of the year on the back of continued demand for its Next-Generation vehicle lineup.

Heading Out During a Downpour? Ford Philippines Shares Four Tips to Drive Safely During The Rainy Season

MANILA, Philippines, 26 June 2023 – The rainy season has started, which means drivers need to be extra careful on the road because of challenging conditions like flooding, slippery roads and reduced driver visibility.

Six New Features That Make The Next-Generation Ford Territory Your Next-Level Five-Seater SUV

MANILA, Philippines, 15 June 2023 – Two months since its public reveal at the Manila International Auto Show, the Next-Generation Ford Territory is making waves in the local automotive industry with over 1,500 units sold to date – thanks to its powerful yet efficient performance, stylish design, premium interiors, and smart technologies.

Ford Explorer and Ford Mustang Now Available on Ford Online Reservation Portal

MANILA, Philippines, 2 June 2023 – Ford Philippines today announced that the Ford Explorer and Ford Mustang are now available on its online reservation portal.

Ford Island Conquest Revs Up On Its Sixth Year, First Leg To Feature Next-Generation Ranger Raptor

MANILA, Philippines, 12 May 2023 – Ford Philippines is marking the return of the highly-anticipated Ford Island Conquest (FIC) experiential test drive event this year on May 19-21, 2023 at the ARCA South Interactive Park in Taguig City.
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Next-Generation Ford Territory Combines Striking Modern Design with Advanced Smart and Safety Features

MANILA, Philippines, April 13, 2023 – Ford Philippines is once again setting the benchmark for 5-seater SUVs in the Philippines with the official launch of the Next-Generation Ford Territory, a dynamically-designed and efficiently-engineered Ford SUV that follows the highest global quality standards.

Next-Generation Ford Territory Now Available on Ford Online Reservation Portal

Reserve a next-gen Ford Territory Titanium online with a starting price of P1,335,000 with 5-year warranty for a worry-free ownership experience

Women’s World Car of the Year Names Ford Ranger ‘Best 4x4 and Pick-up’

MANILA, Philippines, February 21, 2023 – The Ford Ranger is the most versatile, capable Ranger ever – and now, it is also officially the “Best 4x4 and Pick-up” according to the Women’s World Car of the Year judges.

Power Ranger: Next-Generation Ford Ranger Owners Share What Makes the Pick-up Truck a Reliable Daily Driver

MANILA, Philippines, 9 February 2023 – The next-generation Ford Ranger officially arrived in the Philippines in July last year, and since then, it has become a staple sight on local roads and is enjoyed by a growing number of owners because of its many exciting features and upgrades.

Ford Philippines, ARB Partner To Offer 4x4 Accessories For Next-Gen Ford Vehicles

MANILA, Philippines, 23 January 2023 – Ford Philippines has joined forces with global off-road accessories provider ARB to give owners of the next-generation Ford Ranger and Everest access to various 4x4 accessories for their vehicles.

Ford Philippines Delivers Strong Retail Performance In 2022 With 24 Percent Growth

MANILA, Philippines, 16 January 2023 – Ford Philippines has solidified its position as one of the leading automotive players in the country as it delivered another strong retail performance in 2022.

Hide and Seek: Next-Gen Everest Enters Final Testing Stage

Be on the lookout – day or night – because the next-gen Ford Everest is about to hit the road.

Customers Helped Create Athletic, Bold and Distinctively Styled Next-Generation Ford Ranger Design

November 24, 2021 – With an athletic exterior and premium interior, the next-generation Ford Ranger is the result of deep customer insight, developed through extensive customer research into what makes a great pickup.

Next-Generation Ford Ranger Delivers High-Tech Features, Smart Connectivity, Enhanced Capability and Versatility for Work, Family and Play

Ford today put the global pickup world on notice by revealing the smartest, most versatile and most capable Ranger ever – delivering an even more desirable pickup partner for customers.

The Wait is Almost Over: Ford Announces Next-Gen Ranger Reveal Date

Ford Motor Company will reveal the much-anticipated next-generation Ford Ranger pickup on Nov. 24.

Tested to Extremes: Next-Gen Ranger’s Punishing Path to Customers

When it comes to testing the next-generation Ranger’s toughness and durability, Ford’s global team of development engineers doesn’t pull any punches. After all, they need to deliver a truly global pick up that is up for the challenge across 180 markets.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Keep your eyes peeled – day or night – the next-generation Ford Ranger could be in a neighborhood near you.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Keep your eyes peeled – day or night – the next-generation Ford Ranger could be in a neighborhood near you.

Optical Illusions: How Ford’s Designers Developed a Camouflage That Helps #NextGenRanger Hide in Plain Sight

Camouflage stickers with mind-bending patterns, squiggles, and swirls; car makers go to great lengths to protect their top-secret prototypes from prying eyes.
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BPI, Ford Philippines team up to offer flexible auto loans, exclusive discounts to customers

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Ford Philippines have forged a partnership to offer customers an easier way to own their dream Ford vehicles through flexible auto loans and exclusive discounts.

Get Ready For The Next-Gen Ranger!

9 September 2021 - Today, we release the first official glimpse of the #NextGenRanger, which will be revealed later this year and launch in 2022.

Ford Territory Marks First Launch Anniversary in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, 13 August 2021 The Ford Territory is officially marking its first launch anniversary in the Philippines with a string of milestones and achievements in the local automotive industry.

Ford Philippines Celebrates 5,000th Ford Territory Customer Milestone

MANILA, Philippines, 6 July 2021 - Ford Philippines is celebrating its 5,000th Ford Territory customer milestone, less than one (1) year since its launch in August 2020. As of end June, the Ford Territory has already sold 5,247 units within a period of 11 months, reinforcing its growing popularity among young professionals, tech-savvy millennial drivers, and small families.

Ford Philippines’ 50th dealership facility in Talisay, Cebu now open

TALISAY CITY, CEBU, 9 June 2021 – Ford Talisay, the 50th dealership facility of Ford Philippines in the country, is now officially open to serve customers.

Ford Philippines Dealer Principal Lisset Laus-Velasco is 2021 Ford Salute to Dealers Honoree

MANILA, Philippines, 3 June 2021 – Laus Group of Companies Chairman and CEO and Ford Philippines dealer principal Lisset Laus-Velasco has been named as 2021 Ford Salute to Dealers Honoree.

Ford Philippines Sustains Leadership in 4x4 Pickup, Small SUV Segments

Ford Philippines maintained its leadership in the 4x4 pickup and small SUV segments in the Philippines as of first quarter of this year.

Three Things that Make FOXTM Shock Absorbers a Great Off-road Driving Partner

When it comes to choosing a pickup truck, buyers usually look at versatility, utility and capability as the top factors in making their purchase decisions.

Ford Philippines Boosts Off-Road Capability of Pickup Portfolio with New Ford Ranger FX4 MAX

MANILA, Philippines, 10 March 2021 – Ford Philippines today unveiled the Ford Ranger FX4 MAX, a new Ranger pickup truck that delivers off-road driving capabilities inspired by the Ranger Raptor while living up to the Ranger’s brand of comfort, safety, and versatility.

Ford Unveils New Ranger with Bolder Design and Exterior Enhancements, Introduces ‘Live the Ranger Life’

MANILA, Philippines, 16 February 2021 - Ford Philippines today launched the refreshed Ranger lineup, which boasts of new design and exterior enhancements across its Ranger XLS, XLT, and Wildtrak variants to offer customers a new look more attuned to today’s needs and lifestyles.

Ready For The Upgrade: Seven Reasons Why The EcoSport Should Be On Your Shopping List

MANILA, Philippines, 3 February 2021 – Over the years, Filipinos have developed a penchant towards SUVs for a lot of reasons – versatility, capability, and space. Not to mention that modern-day SUVs have been equipped with technological features that enable a more interactive and safer driving experience.

Ford Philippines Reinforces Leadership in Pickup, SUV Segments in 2020

MANILA, Philippines, 22 January 2021 – Ford Philippines reinforced its leadership in the pickup and small SUV segments with the strong sales of the Ford Ranger and Ford Territory last year. The Ford Ranger became the best-selling 4x4 pickup truck in 2020 with a market share of 41 percent in the 4x4 pickup segment.

Ford Philippines Recognized for Class-Leading Vehicles, CSR Programs

MANILA, Philippines, 21 December 2020 – Ford Philippines received a string of citations for its class-leading vehicles and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs from prestigious media-led award-giving bodies.

Ford Philippines Marks 10,000th Ranger Raptor Customer Milestone, Launches Raptor Raffle Promo

MANILA, Philippines, 4 December 2020 - Ford Philippines is marking its 10,000th Ranger Raptor customer milestone this month, two years since the launch of its performance pick-up truck in the country, signifying its strong foothold in the local pick-up truck segment.

Ford Philippines brings Ranger closer to women with new campaign

MANILA, Philippines, 3 November 2020 – Pickup trucks have traditionally been seen as vehicles for men primarily because of their looks, use and purpose as a workhorse. But over the years, the need for a pickup truck has evolved, making it a mobility partner not just for work and utility, but also for personal interests and lifestyles, expanding its appeal to larger audiences.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Ford Territory As Your First SUV

MANILA, Philippines, 16 October 2020 – With all the options available in the market today, finding the perfect vehicle that strikes the perfect balance between style, performance, and reliability has never been more challenging.

Ford Philippines Expands Truck Lineup With Ford Ranger FX4 4x4, Starts At Php1.356M

Customers can avail of an exclusive launch offer of Php50,000 cash discount with their purchase of a FX4 4x4 manual or automatic variant

MANILA, Philippines, 23 September 2020 – Ford Philippines is expanding its truck portfolio with the launch of a 4x4 variant of the Ford Ranger FX4, boosting the off-roading capability of Ford trucks available in the country.

Henry Ford Awards marks 20th year in recognizing automotive journalists and media outlets, announces new Go Further Changemaker Award

The Henry Ford Awards, the country’s lone awards program that recognizes excellence in automotive journalism, is now on its 20th year and is officially accepting entries and nominations for its milestone year.

Ford Boosts SUV Portfolio in the Philippines with All-New Ford Territory, Introductory Pricing Starts at PHP1,179,000 With Free 3-Year Scheduled Service Plan

Ford Philippines launched today the all-new Ford Territory, a Ford-engineered and designed SUV which combines a sleek and stylish look, impressive performance, and smart and safe technologies that will offer a new driving experience to young professionals and starting families.

Ford-Engineered All-New Ford Territory To Redefine SUV Segment in PH

The Ford-engineered and designed all-new Ford Territory, Ford Philippines’ latest SUV offering that will launch in the country next month, is set to redefine the SUV segment in the market as a spacious, feature-packed, and competitively-priced SUV with the Ford DNA at its core.
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Ford Reinforces Truck Leadership, Launches F-150 In The Philippines

Ford Philippines is launching today the internationally-renowned Ford F-150 pickup truck, further expanding its truck portfolio in the country with a tough yet modern full-size truck with a wide range of segment-defining features.

Ford Philippines Boosts SUV Portfolio with New Everest Sport, Unveils Enhanced Everest Titanium Line-up

Ford Philippines is launching today the new Ford Everest Sport as it continues to expand its SUV portfolio with the addition of a new variant in its Ford Everest line-up.

The Ford Ranger: Built To Last During Tough Times

In times of uncertainties during natural calamities and pandemic crises, Filipinos are known for their resilience, strength and unwavering toughness even in the most trying times, rising above all odds and challenges.

Ford Ranger aids in delivery of food, medical supplies amid community quarantine

The Ford Ranger has put its Built Ford Tough capabilities to good use after helping transport food and medical supplies to various frontliners amid the enhanced community quarantine

Ford Philippines Aids in Transportation of Medical Frontliners via Ford Transit

Ford Philippines is deploying its Ford Transit vans to help transport medical and healthcare frontliners amid the enhanced community quarantine that saw the suspension of public transportation in Luzon.

Ford Philippines Upgrades Ranger Lineup, Retains Current Pricing

Ford Philippines has introduced a series of enhancements to its entire Ford Ranger lineup to further expand ownership of the pickup truck to more customers.

Ford Philippines Expands Operations of Customer Relationship Center

Ford Philippines is extending the operating hours of its Customer Relationship Center (CRC) as part of its efforts to enhance the customer experience.

Ford Philippines Boosts Pickup Truck Portfolio With New Ranger FX4, Upgraded Ranger Lineup

Ford Philippines today launches the new Ford Ranger FX4 to boost its best-selling Ranger portfolio, making it the automotive company with the widest lineup of pickup trucks in the country with 13 available variants.

Ford Philippines Offers Discounts for Parts, Labor for Customers Affected by Taal Ashfall

Ford Philippines is offering discounts on parts and labor to customers of Ford dealerships in Luzon who have been affected by the recent Taal Volcano ashfall.

Ford Ranger Achieved All-Time Record Sales in 2019

Ford Philippines today announced the Ford Ranger delivered record sales in 2019, with full-year retail sales rising 27 percent to 14,759 vehicles, bringing overall full-year retail sales to 21,900 vehicles.

All-New Ford Transit Boosts Productivity for Businesses with Generous Size, Extensive Space, Technology, and Efficiency

Ford Philippines is launching today its most spacious, intelligent, capable, and cost-efficient all-new Transit designed to help businesses thrive especially those involved in moving people as part of their daily operations.

Ford and Shelby: A match made in history

The first Ford Mustang was first unveiled on April 17, 1964 at the World’s Fair in New York and was an instant hit, with 22,000 orders placed on the first day. Sales reached one million in less than two years. How do you take an instantly classic muscle car and make it even cooler? You earn it racing credentials

Ford Philippines now accepting entries to the 19th Henry Ford Awards

Ford Philippines is now accepting entries to the 19th Henry Ford Awards (HFA), the country’s lone and longest-running awards program recognizing excellence in automotive journalism.

Ford Philippines now accepting entries to the 18th Henry Ford Awards

Ford Philippines is now accepting entries for the 18th Henry Ford Awards (HFA), the country’s lone and longest-running awards program honoring excellence and professionalism in the field of automotive journalism.

Ford Philippines Unveils Yearend Sale Offers

Ford Philippines today announced a record August performance with retail sales rising 12 percent year-over-year to 3,166 vehicles, driven by the Ranger, Everest, and EcoSport.

Ford Philippines Delivers Record June Sales, All-Time Quarterly Performance

Ford Philippines today announced a record June performance with retail sales increasing 17 percent year-over-year to 3,273 vehicles led by continued strong demand for the Everest, EcoSport and Ranger.

Ford Holds Global Caring Month in the Philippines

Ford Philippines celebrated the Global Caring Month last September with corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs focused on building homes and provision of medical and dental services.

Ford Celebrates 20 Years in the Philippines, Offers Special Deals this Month

Ford Philippines is marking its 20th year of business operations in the country this 2017, and as part of a month-long celebration, Ford is allowing more customers to own a Ford vehicle by offering special deals available only for the month of September.

Ford Philippines Delivers Record Sales in August

Ford Philippines today announced a record August performance with retail sales rising 12 percent year-over-year to 3,166 vehicles, driven by the Ranger, Everest, and EcoSport.

Ford Philippines Sustains Momentum With Record July Sales

Ford Philippines today announced record July retail sales that rose 8 percent year-over-year to 2,973 vehicles.

17th Henry Ford Awards Now Open for Entry Submissions

Ford Philippines is now accepting entries for the 17th Henry Ford Awards (HFA), the only award-giving body in the country that recognizes the contribution of journalists in driving the growth of the automotive industry through excellent, extensive, and incisive reportage.

Ford Motor Company Appoints Bertrand Lessard as Managing Director, Ford Philippines

Ford Motor Company has announced the appointment of Bertrand Lessard as managing director, Ford Philippines, effective August 1. He will report directly to Mark Kaufman, president, Ford ASEAN.
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Ford Island Conquest Takes Luzon by Storm this July

MANILA, Philippines, 17 July 2017 – Ford Philippines is taking its Ford Island Conquest to Luzon this July as it gives more customers the opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience the various best-in-class features of the EcoSport, Everest, and the Ranger.

Ford Philippines Delivers Record June Sales, All-Time Quarterly Performance

Ford Philippines today announced a record June performance with retail sales increasing 17 percent year-over-year to 3,273 vehicles led by continued strong demand for the Everest, EcoSport and Ranger

Ford Philippines Celebrates Truck Month with Great Deals for the Ranger

Buckle up as Ford Philippines is offering exciting deals for the entire month of July to celebrate Truck Month, giving customers the biggest savings when they get a Ranger from Ford dealerships nationwide. The complete line-up of Ranger vehicles including the XLT, Wildtrak and FX4 variants are available only this month with a discounted all-in down payment or a low monthly payment scheme.

Ford Philippines Kicks off 10th Year of Driving Skills for Life Program

Ford Philippines today kicked off the 10th year of its global Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program, a United Nations-recognized training initiative that educates drivers about smart and safe driving skills to help minimize road accidents and promote fuel-efficient driving.

Ford, Uber forge tie-up to promote road safety

Ford Philippines and Uber Philippines have partnered to educate 200 Uber drivers about smart and safe driving skills under the Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program, a United Nations-recognized training initiative that helps raise awareness about driver and road safety, as well as the dangers of distracted driving to minimize road accidents and promote fuel-efficient driving.

Ford Island Conquest goes to Taguig, Naga this June

Ford Philippines’ ultimate test drive experience continues to expand its presence this month as Ford Island Conquest goes to Taguig and further down south of Luzon in Naga, Camarines Sur.

Ford Philippines Delivers Best-Ever May Sales

Ford Philippines today announced its best-ever May performance with retail sales rising 4 percent year-over-year to 3,036 vehicles, led by strong demand for its Everest, Ranger and EcoSport nameplates.

Strike on Hot Deals From Ford Philippines this Summer!

Good rates with great discounts await interested buyers of Ford vehicles – the Everest, Ranger, EcoSport, Fiesta, and the Focus all have exciting deals with financing offers and cash promotions valid until DATE in Ford dealerships nationwide.

Ford Philippines Brings ‘Ford Island Conquest’ to North Luzon, Marikina

Ford Philippines is expanding presence of its experiential test drive activity Ford Island Conquest this month, reaching out to more Filipinos in East of Metro Manila and in North Luzon.

Ford Philippines, Gawad Kalinga Unveil Two New Water Facilities in Leyte

Over 120 families and households in Leyte villages will benefit from the completion of two new water facilities built in Leyte through a partnership between Ford Philippines and Gawad Kalinga (GK).

Ford Philippines Wins Bronze at 2017 Kidlat Awards for ‘Rock the Road’ video

An audiovisual ode to the Ford Mustang, one of the world’s most iconic cars, bagged a Kidlat Bronze award for the Branded Film and Native Advertising category in the recent Kidlat Awards 2017. Ford was the automotive brand to win in a major category at the Awards.

Ford Philippines’ April Sales Led by EcoSport, Everest, Ranger

Ford Philippines today reported April retail sales of 2,613 vehicles led by its top-selling nameplates: EcoSport, Everest and Ranger.

Ford Philippines Appoints Rodel Gallega as Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Ford Philippines has appointed Rodel Gallega as vice president, Marketing and Sales, effective May 1. Gallega, who was vice president, Finance, for the previous five years, will continue to report to Lance Mosley, managing director, Ford Philippines

Ford Philippines’ April Sales Led by EcoSport, Everest, Ranger

Ford Philippines today reported April retail sales of 2,613 vehicles led by its top-selling nameplates: EcoSport, Everest and Ranger. The EcoSport led Ford’s April performance with sales rising 4 percent year-over-year to 866 vehicles, pushing its year-to-date sales up 25 percent to 3,333 vehicles.

More Dates for ‘Ford Island Conquest’ Set in Metro Manila This Month

Ford Philippines is bringing its experiential test-drive arena ‘Ford Island Conquest’ to more areas in Metro Manila this month, on the heels of a successful 4-day run at the Manila International Auto Show.

Ford Philippines Delivers All-Time Record Monthly Sales

Ford Philippines today announced it delivered an all-time record monthly performance in March with retail sales jumping 37 percent year-over-year to 3,754 units, led by Ford’s Big Three nameplates – Ranger, Everest and EcoSport – and demand across its full lineup of Ford vehicles.

6 Safe Driving Tips this Holy Week

Holy Week is just around the corner and while many use this time to stay at home and reflect, a good number of Filipinos take the opportunity for a much-needed road trip to spend time with their loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ford Philippines Recognized as Top Taxpayer in Muntinlupa

MANILA, Philippines, 6 March 2017 – For the third consecutive year, Ford Philippines was named as the top taxpayer in the City of Muntinlupa. The company first made it to the list of top ten taxpayers in 2014, a year after it moved its corporate headquarters to Alabang.

Ford Philippines Recognized For Outstanding CSR at Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists’ Driven to Serve Awards

Ford Philippines’ Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) and Operation Better World programs received recognition at the Driven to Serve Awards of the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists held at the Marriott Hotel.

Ranger, Everest and EcoSport Lead Ford Philippines’ Sales Rise in January

MANILA, Philippines, 8 February 2017 – Ford Philippines today announced January retail sales that rose 2.5 percent year-over-year to 2,519 vehicles, led by continued strong demand for its EcoSport, Everest and Ranger nameplates.

Jump Start 2017 With Deals From Ford Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, 6 February 2017 – Search for fortunate deals from Ford Philippines’ financing offers and cash promotions for select Ford vehicles - Everest, Ranger, EcoSport, Fiesta and Focus – valid until February 28 at Ford dealerships nationwide.

Experience Ford Vehicles through Ford Island Conquest

Ford Philippines today announced its ‘Ford Island Conquest’ event at the Festival Supermall parking lot from January 27-29, with an all-in-one custom arena where customers can test drive Ford’s best-selling vehicles in one venue.

Ford Philippines Delivers Record Full-Year Sales in 2016

• Full-year sales rise 33 percent to 33,688 vehicles, driven by continued strong demand for EcoSport, Everest and Ranger • Everest and EcoSport deliver full-year record sales performances, Ranger remains number two pickup truck in the market • Ford caps 2016 with best-ever December sales increasing 13 percent to 3,198 vehicles

Ford Delivers Record Sales for ASEAN in 2016

• Overall sales rose more than 11 percent to 115,979 vehicles, led by record full-year sales in the Philippines and Vietnam, and continued share gains in Thailand • Strong demand for the Ranger, Everest, EcoSport and Transit continued to lead Ford’s overall ASEAN performance • Ranger sales increased nearly 15 percent to full-year record of 62,160 vehicles

Ford’s Record November Sales Led by Best-ever Month for EcoSport

• Record November sales rise 2 percent to 3,027 vehicles • EcoSport sales jump 35 percent to all-time monthly total of 1,096 vehicles • Ford remains one of the fastest-growing auto brands in the Philippines this year

Money Down the Drain: Fuel Efficient Driving Habits Filipino Drivers are Missing

Only 27 percent of drivers know to use GPS to set the best route before starting a drive Up to 84 percent of Filipino drivers are unaware that using cruise control can save you money at the pump

Ford Philippines 2016 Sales Rise 40 Percent

MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 8, 2016 – Ford Philippines today announced October retail sales of 2,470 vehicles, led by continued strength in demand for its ‘big three’ nameplates – the EcoSport, Ranger and Everest.

Ford Philippines Delivers Best-ever Third Quarter Performance

Q3 sales jump 32 percent to 8,224 vehicles led by EcoSport, Ranger and Everest Ford remains one of fastest-growing auto brands in the Philippines this year with sales up 50 percent year-to-date

Ford Expands Success of Pickup Truck Lineup with Introduction of New Ranger FX4

Ford introduces the new Ranger FX4, with two variants that bring tough and sporty modifications to the smart and rugged pickup with an exclusive grille, painted alloy wheels, a new sports bar and darker interior.

Ford Philippines Calls for Entries to 16th Henry Ford Awards

The Henry Ford Awards recognizes the best of print, online, and broadcast journalism that is shaping the automotive industry in the Philippines.

Ford Philippines Delivers Best-Ever July Performance

July retail sales jump 61 percent year-over-year to 2,748 units, led by EcoSport, Ranger and Everest

Strong Customer Demand for Ford Vehicles Continues, Sales Rise 78 Percent to Best-ever May Performance

Overall May retail sales rise 78 percent to 2,933 units led by Ford’s ‘big-three’ in the Philippines: Ranger, Everest, EcoSport
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Ford Philippines Achieves All-Time Record Month, Led by Everest, Ranger, EcoSport

Overall April retail sales soar 93 percent to an all-time high of 3,152 units

Ford Philippines Delivers Record March and First-Quarter Performances

Best-ever sales for March increased 46 percent to 2,746 units, driven by Everest, EcoSport, Ranger and Explorer

Ford Continues Momentum, Introduces New Variants of EcoSport and Everest at Manila International Auto Show

Ford holds largest stand at the 2016 Manila International Auto Show and features its line-up of best-selling cars, SUVs, and trucks, including new 2016 variants of the EcoSport and all-new Everest

Remember These Six Points for your Road Trip This Holy Week

Ford Philippines gives car owners these six easy-to-remember tips to ensure their car’s road worthiness before going on their next journey this Holy Week

Ford Philippines Honors Top Metro Manila and Provincial Dealers in Annual Dealer Convention

Ford Philippines recognized its top performing dealers at the 2016 Annual Ford Dealer Convention held at the Filinvest Tent, Alabang.

February Performance of Ford Philippines Driven By All-New Everest, Sales Jump 52 Percent

Ford Philippines today reported February sales that jumped 52 percent year-over-year to 2,671 units, led by the second best-ever sales month for the Everest, as well as the EcoSport, Ranger and Explorer.

Ford Philippines’ Momentum Continues With Best-Ever January Performance, Sales Jump 50 Percent

Ford Philippines today confirmed that its momentum has continued into the new year, reporting its best-ever January performance with retail sales jumping 50 percent year-over-year to 2,459 units.

Ford Philippines Announces Arrival of New Explorer, Powered by EcoBoost Technology

The new Ford Explorer arrives in the Philippines with more smart and safety technologies, powered by the ground-breaking EcoBoost® engine technology.

Ford Delivers Record Sales for ASEAN Region in 2015

Overall sales for ASEAN region rose 3.3 percent to a record 103,975 units, led by record full-year performances in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as market share gains in Thailand

Ford Philippines Delivers Record Full-Year Sales in 2015

Full-year sales jump 25 percent to 25,372 units, firmly establishing Ford as the number three-selling automotive brand in the Philippines

The 15th Henry Ford Awards: Now Open for Entries

Ford Philippines is now accepting entries for the 15th Henry Ford Awards (HFA), the country’s premier and only award giving body for excellence in automotive journalism

Ford Philippines Sales Rise 19 Percent

Overall May sales of 1,652 units was led by continued strength in demand for Ranger and EcoSport; Ford remains on pace for another record full-year sales performance.

Ford Raises the Bar for Refined and Rugged Capable SUVs with the Launch of the All-New Everest

Ford Philippines officially launches the all-new Ford Everest offering a breakthrough blend of stylish design, advanced technologies, first-in-segment features, stunning off-road and on-road capability and a refined, premium interior for up to seven passengers.

The Voice of the Philippines

Jason Dy is now a proud owner of a brand new Fiesta 1.0L with EcoBoost. Jason was declared the winner of The Voice of the Philippines” Season 2. The Ford Fiesta is powered by the award-winning EcoBoost technology which has won International Engine of the Year for three straight years.